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Iobit Start Menu 8 Pro Crack + Free License Key [2022]

Iobit Start Menu 8 Pro Crack With Keygen Plus Keys For Windows 8 Free Download [2022]

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Iobit Start Menu 8 Pro License Key has been created to address the absence of a functioning Start Menu from the desktop interface of the Windows 8 operating system. Majority of Windows users who have been accustomed to the use of Start Menu in their daily work and life activities in their PCs found it hard to function best once they have upgraded to Windows 8. Although this is an attempt of Microsoft to introduce the title screen for touchscreen devices onto conventional desktop computers, most users still search for a similar utility as the Start Menu in previous Windows versions.

iobit start menu 8 Crack

Reliable File Search

In the latest release of Iobit Start Menu 8, the search engine is made more helpful and powerful. Users would be thrilled to get their search results in 20% less time than other search utilities. The results are also guaranteed to be accurate based on the search input used. Users can also pin their favorite files as well as their recently accessed data on the Start Menu so that they won’t have to search for them again.

Clean Menu

The Start Menu does not have advertisements showing every once in a while, unlike other utilities in the same category. These ads annoy and distract users. Users will be refreshed to see an ad-free Start Menu while using Iobit’s. It also lets users easily find their files and applications in the Menu without further hindrances and clicks.

Powerful Customization

Settings are fully customizable in Iobit Start Menu 8:

  • Change Start Button Icon from available selections.
  • Manage display of programs.
  • Place a personal picture for accounts.
  • Favorite apps and files can be pinned on Start Menu.

Just Like Advance

Iobit Start Menu 8 was built around the functionality and behavior of the Start Menu in the Windows 7 operating system and incorporates additional features too. Among the functions retained as well as added in Start Menu 8 are:

  • Access to display shared folders such as Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Network, Documents, and Photos.
  • Change icon for Start Button from selections available.
  • Sidebar for Windows 8 and the hot corners can be disabled.


Iobit Start Menu is easy to install. Just download the file from the website and install it on your system. Follow the instructions, and you are ready to go. However, the installation procedure includes a suggestion to fix another program by Iobit, which is Advanced SystemCare. The default selection is set to yes, but you have the option to install it or not. Just by passing through the installation, you may install the optional software unknowingly.


  • Reliable replacement to default Start Menu in Windows 8.
  • Create menus for apps by Windows 8 Metro.
  • It’s Free so that you can use all the benefits free of charge.
  • Frequently used files and apps can be pinned directly in the Start Menu.
  • No advertisements in windows and corners.
  • Smart setup wizard lets you choose which options you would want to be displayed in the menu.
  • Familiar folders and options are available to use again.
  • Fully customizable settings and appearance to suit personal preferences.


  • During installation, it suggests to install Advanced SystemCare, which is paid software.
  • Pre-set options to save set up time are limited.
  • With the available customization options, it will take some time to set up the menu. To fully create a perfect menu for your personal use, it will take around a couple of tweaks.
  • Auto-hiding the taskbar is still not possible. Sometimes, the taskbar is just left hanging there. This is not a huge concern, but addressing this can improve the interface significantly.

iobit start menu 8 Key



iobit start menu 8 License Key


 iobit start menu 8 Crack


Although it will take some time for you to set up the familiar feel of a Windows 7 Start Menu on your Windows 8 system, having Iobit Start Menu installed is great. You can fully customize your Start Menu so you can access all the apps and the files you need easily with the familiarity of the Windows 7 environment. What’s great about this app is that it is free to use and install. It does not have any in-menu advertisements unlike other freeware available on the internet. Doing work with the Iobit Start Menu 8 will be much easier. You may also like Fileviewpro Crack.

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