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Abstract: StartIsBack has made possible to its users to assign the start button or rather the start menu, for Windows 8 user. StartIsBack crack free download


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StartIsBack crack is software that is used to improve the usability of a desktop and is also responsible for making a new start screen clutter free. This application is a native lightweight zero-privileges program. The session of StartIsBack is possible to start from the desktop and also directly stretches back to the desktop with no need of flashing the start screen for the tiniest time.

StartIsBack has made possible to its users to assign the start button or rather the start menu, for Windows 8 users. What makes it to attract such love from its users is the fact that, irrespective of a user’s experience, the configuration settings it packs can easily be used.

Contrastingly to its competitors, StartIsBack has a side menu that is amazingly transparent and feelings of pride in the fact that it highlights many of the recently installed programs. Functionality is yet another reason why you should get this application. Take for instance, when you search for a new item in the computer, the results of such a search is shown instantly on the area for results.

With regard to its power to multifunction, it has made possible for those who use it to lock a session, switch to another user, shut a session down, restarts or even sign out of an account one is currently using.

StartIsBack is a must have application for any person who runs a computer installed with Windows. One should not be worried about the version of Windows they are using as StartIsBack is that kind of application that can be used across the Windows versions. The small size of StartIsBack is yet another advantage as you will not be faced with the task of cleaning up the memory of the PC prior to installation.


Supported file types:

  • (Image) jpeg, Real player, Gif, BMP, and media player.
  • (Audio) mp1, mp2, and wav

Main features of startisback Crack

  • It starts its sessions at the desktop.
  • It posses a side menu that is transparent.
  • It configures the behavior and appearance of your personal menu.
  • It’s able to balance between a new metro interface and desktop interface.
  • It can help in restoring windows 7 start menu having all its new styles and features.
  • It has a wide range of configuration settings.
  • It has the ability to highlight any new program that is installed.
  • It is a secure and light application.

Operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Installation requirements:

  • The PC should be on a Windows operating system.
  • It should possess a memory of 512 MB and above.
  • The computer should have a disk space amounting to 20 MB.
  • The PC should be a dual-core processor or above.

How to install and use ?

  • Download the software version of your choice
  • Follow by running and registering the file.
  • Click on ok to install the software.
  • Proceed to click on the right and click on appearance and chose the start menu of your choice.
  • Enjoy the use of the application.

startisback Serial Key

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Searching for free startisback 2.9.18  , it is a good point to download the free software. Internet world is a full of joy and fun, therefore, we also always enjoy to provide the free software with crack, patch, serial keys, license number. But, before downloading, you have to remember the some points which are: we are not providing any guarantee that the startisback will work with your system, due to some hardware or software specifications and any other already installed software e.g. Antivirus etc. Therefore, you need to ensure this software will install totally behalf of you. Moreover, we tested before uploading the startisback so partially committed to ensure this work fine on all machines.

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