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Abstract: XAMPP 8.1.2 free download for mac and windows is an application that is created and developed for professionals. It is mainly to serve the purpose of creating database

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XAMPP 8.1.2 free download is an application that is created and developed for professionals. It is mainly to serve the purpose of creating databases and be a manager of one’s own website. It was created and developed by the Apache Friends. It was written in several languages which include English, French, Polish, German, Russian, and Spanish and so on. It was the first release on 22 May 2002 and the latest version was released on October 19, 2018. Though the application is made for those that already have knowledge of programming languages, but any diligent interested individual can easily master the techniques involved in it. XAMPP comprises of web servers like Apache, Mercury Mail, PHP, OpenSSL, MySQL, and PERL and so on. These set of web servers are those instruments that the users of XAMPP make use of for the managing of their websites.


For easier explanation on XAMPP, the letters that makeup XAMPP actually stands for a particular programming language

X stands for cross-browser tool

A stands for Apache, software for the web server

M stands for MySQL, this is a database programming language

P stands for PHP which is a scripting language

P stands for Perl which is also a scripting language


XAMPP consists of several languages like Apache, PHP, Perl, and ManaDB. Some other known modules are attached alongside to; OpenSSL, Joomla, MediaWiki, WordPress, PhpMyAdmin and so on.

System Requirements

There is no specific requirement for installation of this application. But it can work on this operating system,

  • Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and 10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit).
  • It also requires zip, exe, and tar, 7z file for ability to be downloaded and work effectively

How to crack XAMPP

  1. Download the set up for XAMPP
  2. Make sure no other applications is open in the Windows
  3. Double click on XAMPP installer icon
  4. Select the run option and choose the language you prefer
  5. XAMPP set up wizard will pop up, and then click on next option
  6. You will be directed to choose the destination of where to install your XAMPP
  7. The next step is to set up the installer
  8. You can now finally install the installer

Security setup for XAMPP

It is necessary to protect and secure the XAMPP application you installed on your system, the steps to be taken for setting up the security for XAMPP are given below;

  • Open any browser on your system
  • Type http://localhost in the address bar of your browser
  • Splash page for XAMPP will display on your system
  • You need to then click on “English”. After this is done, go to the administrator point and click on the status and XAMPP security settings
  • Click on “security”
  • Security audit will be performed by XAMPP on the windows system. Error display will likely come up. But some warnings will accompany it. The warnings can be;
  • Network is freely accessible by PHPMyAdmin- NOT SECURE
  • PHP is not operating in the safe mode- NOT SECURE
  • No password for MySQL admin- NOT SECURE
  • Everyone can access your XAMPP pages- NOT SECURE
  • The password for
  • Mercury Mail server is being hindered by firewall
  • Now what is needed to be repaired are MySQL, PHPMyAdmin and directory permissions. For this to be done, you need to click on the link that pops up below the warnings


  • For the section of MySQL, you will need to assign a root password. It must be a password you can easily remember. Therefore the next step is to activate “cookie” for authentication of PHPMyAdmin. Make sure you click on password changing and not on
  • You need to restart your MySQL, got to control panel and select stop to stop MySQL. Therefore, click on the start option for the restarting of MySQL. If it is displaying running, then it has been successfully done.
  • Next is to secure and protect XAMPP directory option. Simply go to the previous security page. You will need to enter a username, then the password also both on the directory protection option

For a successful change, a message will be displayed indicating that it has been successful.

Conduction of test for validity of installation

A test is needed after the installation might have been done. It is to check whether the installed program is running as it suppose to

  • You need to launch a notepad
  • You need to write this PHP script into your notepad editor




$sum=$numberA + numberB;

echo ‘the sum of two numbers:’ $sum;


  • After this has been written, you can then save. Save as ‘sum.php’ under htdocs folder which is in the XAMPP directory
  • Type http://localhost.sum.php on your web browser to test and run the saved file. If you see the output of 26, that means your installed program is running well

Pros of XAMPP

  • In comparison to other application on web server, XAMPP is easy when it comes to installation
  • It can be used on various platforms like Linux and Windows
  • It is portable
  • It is security conscious, i.e you will be the only one who can access your web server
  • It is both created in full and standard version
  • The whole database and web server can be started on and ended with a single command

Cons of XAMPP

  • It is not easy to configure

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Final Verdict

XAMPP is an application that can be recommended for both professionals and those that doesn’t have knowledge of what programming is all about. It is a perfect application that has what bloggers and developers have in mind to see. You may also like IBM SPSS 25 Latest Crack

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