Zenmate Premium VPN Crack For PC and APK Download

ZenMate Premium VPN Crack For PC and Download apk version [Latest]

Abstract: zenmate premium crack vpn full version free download can be considered as a strong base for a VPN service, it is currently incomplete…

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ZenMate Premium Crack provides improved, private and secure tunneling service for internet browsers as well as mobile devices. ZenMate is run by ZenGuard GmbH, a start-up company based in Berlin. The company received the Start-up of the Year 2014 award in Germany.

ZenMate Premium VPN Crack For PC and Download APK Version [Latest]


ZenMate crack is a downloadable plug-in for internet browsers which was designed to safeguard and protect the privacy of millions of users while browsing the World Wide Web. The security plug-in is also accessible to mobile devices through a simple app that provides and creates a secure and safe VPN tunnel utilizing protocol of IPsec. It is currently hosted on various servers across significant countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the USA.

Key Features

The following are some of the major and noteworthy features and capabilities of ZenMate Premium:

  • The plug-in is fully compatible with three major internet browsers namely, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. It also supports other desktop browsers like Comodo Dragon, Chromium and SRWare Iron.
  • It comes in both Android and iOS apps, which operates by IPsec which creates a regular VPN connectivity.
  • Take note that ZenMate is a proxy plug-in for internet browsers that can also protect and encrypt all browsing activities and traffic. It is not to be confused with only a VPN service.

Set-up and Operation

The following briefly explains how the add-on works:

  1. Download and install ZenMate Premium on your internet browser.
  2. A page directed to the software and company website will be opened automatically which also states the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service. Input your valid email address to accept the legal terms.
  3. Once completed, a shield icon will display in the top right corner of the internet browser, indicating the ongoing operation of the add-on.
  4. When the connection is active, incoming and outgoing traffic and browsing activity are encrypted and protected with a password that is automated.
  5. ZenMate chooses its server location considering its geographical coordinates automatically. The user is also given the option to manually change this at any time to any of the locations displayed.

Upgrade Price

ZenMate Premium crack can be acquired by purchasing an upgrade for the free version of ZenMate. The upgrade can be purchased through three available packages:

  1. Premium at 8.99 Euros monthly
  2. Premium at 7.99 Euros monthly for 6 months (20% discount deal)
  3. Premium at 6.99 Euros monthly for 12 months (30% discount deal)

During the add-on’s launch phase, the Premium upgrade will not be available for purchase. Therefore, the user has unlimited data traffic until the end of this specific phase.

The VPN app for mobile devices is free up to a traffic data limit of 500MB. To upgrade to its unlimited traffic data, users may opt to choose from 2 packages:

  1. Unlimited at 2 USD monthly
  2. Unlimited at 20 USD yearly

Customer Support

ZenMate currently has customer support that can be reached by email. The support team will almost always respond to a query or concern in 24 hours or less.


Here are some points to love in ZenMate Premium:

Easy setup and installation procedures

Above satisfactory internet connection through traffic security

Price is competitive and scales evenly among package deals.


The following are things to look out for in the tool:

It currently hosts only 5 server locations.

Although the start-up looks promising, it should offer more features and capabilities to cater to the needs of various users across the globe.

The service is only limited to activities bound within the internet browser it is installed in. Emails and Peer to Peer connections are still outsiders of its protection coverage.

The necessity to download and install other plugins additionally to plug some IP leaks is imminent. These leaks are normally from Flash and WebRTC. This would be a serious concern for those users who need to transact with a higher level of security. You may also like Adobe Flash Builder Premium Crack.

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Even though ZenMate Premium  Crack VPN can be considered as a strong base for a VPN service, it is currently incomplete. The add-on provides a security service for internet browsers and a reliable VPN for mobile which is relatively satisfactory. There are some concerns that need to be addressed immediately such as the IP leaks and availability of server locations. The upgrade is definitely a tough choice considering it is still far from its perfected form.

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